Dear partner, 


With the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic affecting communities, families and individuals around the world, we are poised to experience in the days, weeks and months ahead a new situation that will affect us all as individuals and collectively as businesses. 


In this extraordinary context, our first priority within the ARKANCE Group is to do everything at our humble level to restrict the spread of the coronavirus. Our subsidiaries, will be putting in place from today, common sense measures. We hope that they will contribute to the protection of our teams but also of your own employees. We will adapt these measures on a daily basis to changing circumstances, in accordance with the recommendations of the authorities. 


Furthermore, this crisis must not put our entire economy to the test and we must ensure continuity of service for our joint activities. We are therefore listening to you, via multiple communication channels, so that you can share your needs with us, inform us about the continuity of your activity and the means that we could propose to you to help support it, because it is in the difficulty that the notion of partnership must take on its full meaning. We are already detailing on our website how our various teams are mobilized to support you during this period, knowing that the scope of our services will necessarily evolve according to the announcements of the authorities, and the situation on the ground. 


Take care of yourself and your loved ones. 



Grégoire Arranz,


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