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AutoCAD - “Offset” Command #3 – Using “Offset” in Drawing Production

March 02, 2022 By Martin Phelps

The use of the “Offset” command during drawing production can be a useful time saving option, as shown in Figure 1.

The required result for the drawing is shown in Figure 2.

To obtain the required result, the created “Lines” will require editing. The method depends on the preferences of the user. Probably the quickest option is to use the “Fillet” command set to zero, however other commands such as “Trim”, “Extend” and “Grip Editing” may also be used.

As an alternative if the “Lines” were created as “Polylines” instead, using the “Offset” command would automatically “Trim” and “Extend” the selected “Line”, as shown in Figure 3.

The “Offset” command can also be used with “Splines” as shown in Figure 4.

Note: - Care should be taken since if a large “Offset” distance is specified this may result in the “Spline” being broken down into smaller “Splines”, as shown in Figure 5.

“Offset” can also be used on “Polylines” that have be converted to either a “Spline Fit” or a “Curve Fit”, polylines as shown in Figure 6.

Note: - When “Offsetting” either the “Spline Fit” or the “Curve Fit” “Polylines” over a large distance, the resulting object remains as one, as shown in Figure 7.

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