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AutoCAD - “Offset” Command #4 – Controlling “Offset” Layer

March 15, 2022 By Martin Phelps

When using the “Offset” command, by default the created object takes on the “Properties” of the selected object.

Once the “Offset” object has been created, its “Properties” may require changing. This can be accomplished in one of the following ways; using the “Match Properties” tool, using the “Layer” dropdown list once the object has been selected or using the “Properties” pallet.

An often-overlooked option within the “Offset” command is “Layer”. This function is changed prior to setting the “Offset” distance.

To access the “Layer” option, active the “Offset” command and select the “Layer” sub command by either right click and select “Layer” from the right click menu. Type in the shortcut “L” and press enter, or select “Layer” from the command, as shown in Figure 1.

The user can now select one of two options, “Current” or “Source”, again these options can be accessed using the methods above. The Command Line option is shown in Figure 2.

The default option is “Source”, so the “Offset” produced remains on the “Layer” on which the original object was created.

Using the “Current” option will place the “Offset” object on the “Current” “Layer”, eliminating the need to change the object’s properties.

The “Offset” command remains active allowing the “Layer” to be changed on the “Fly” without cancelling the command, as shown in the Figure 3.

Note: - Once changed, this option will remain set when starting a new or opening an existing file.


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