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AutoCAD - “Offset” Command #5 – Using the “Erase” option

March 15, 2022 By Martin Phelps

Another option within “Offset” that can easy be overlooked is “Erase”. By default the “Offset” command retains the selected object and creates a copy, using “Erase” option will remove the selected object.

Like the “Layer” option in the previous blog, “Offset Command #4 – Controlling Offset Layer” this option is set before specifying the “Offset” distance, and can be accessed in all the normal ways, via the command line, right click menu, and typing the capital letter of the function and pressing enter. Assessing this function via the command line is shown in Figure 1.

Once selected, by selecting “Yes”, as shown in Figure 2.

The selected object will be removed after “Offsetting” leaving the “Offset”.

So, by using this option, the selected object simply moves across the drawing area in the direction of the pick point at the set distance increments, as shown in Figure 3.

Note: - Again once changed, this option will remain set when starting a new or opening an existing file.


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