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Autodesk Inventor - Visibility and ALT-V

March 03, 2022 By Chris Turner

A few handy things have popped up since the initial release of Inventor 2022, and I just thought I’d mention some of them which I find useful.

Making Components “Invisible” in an assembly can be achieved quickly by using the keyboard shortcut ‘ALT-V’. Now that I know about this, I’m using it more and more. Also, Components with visibility turned off, highlight in the canvas when you select or hover the mouse over the Components in the browser.

Another thing which I’ve wanted in Inventor for quite a while is the ability to turn on all the ‘Invisible’ components. It can be time consuming finding all the browser nodes and turning them back on if you haven’t previously made a View Representation.

We now have in the Inventor Selection Priorities drop-down “Select All Invisible Components”.

As with the above, check out the new "Select All Suppressed Components" option which enables you to select all suppressed components within an assembly so you can toggle them to be unsuppressed.

Precise view rotation in the canvas can now be easily achieved with “Rotate View Angle” on the Navigation Toolbar.

Check out my video on these quick tips!


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