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BIM 360 & ACC Sites

February 22, 2022 By Justin Doughty

There are differences between BIM 360 and the newer Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Sites. It is important to know these differences to understand the limitations and how to access each of them, so that these can be fully used.

Along with BIM 360 and ACC Sites, there is also a difference in the location of the server the Account is stored on. This can either be an Americas or European Server. An Account can only be created on one of these servers. This makes it important to decide carefully when starting an Account which server is required.

It is also important to remember that only certain year versions of software can be used on these servers:

Americas Server: Revit 2018.3 and later versions can be used.

European Server: Revit 2021 and later versions can be used (Also Plant 3D and Civil 3D versions).

BIM 360 Interface:

Autodesk Construction Cloud Interface:

When switching between projects, the icon next to the project name will indicate what site the project has been created in:

If there are issues, you may need your Account ID. This is stored in the same place in both Sites, Account Admin>Settings>View Account ID:

This Account ID is also shown in the browser when using the Account Admin:

Projects also have a unique ID assigned to them that is shown in the browser:

Knowing where this information is may help when testing connection or access issues.

Site URLs

BIM 360 Americas Server

BIM 360 European Server

ACC Americas Server

ACC European Server


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