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Changing the way organizations evaluate processes and technologies

10th March 2023 – VinZero today announced they are in the advanced stages of establishing a global partnership with Bimbeats, a data-agnostic platform designed to democratize data specific to AEC design and collaboration tools, providing a world first in utilization transparency. The partnership launches with the commencement of an exclusive license arrangement for its ANZ customer base from today via its VinZero A2K Technologies subsidiary.

The VinZero group of companies recognizes digitalization represents one of the most significant opportunities for the industry in the achievement of net zero. This drives their solution portfolio as they constantly look to stay ahead of the curve by investing, developing, or partnering to provide technical solutions that can streamline processes and deliver efficiencies to the businesses they work with, ultimately supporting them step closer to net zero.

“Across AEC and Manufacturing industries, technology adoption is accelerating and the ability to identify utilization of software investments is critical to managing project profitability. Through our Think Future methodology, our Professional Services teams work with our clients to maximize the value they can gain from data insights, irrespective of the data source, and that was a major attraction for us” Paul Laycock, CEO, VinZero.

Amongst many features, the Bimbeats platform can measure the uptake, and utilization of any software licenses, plugins, or internally developed tools, against any project, a big attraction for VinZero. Laycock continues,

A key requirement for any business is to boost product usage, being able to definitively understand utilization is critical”

With constant onboarding of new technology high on the agenda for VinZero the attraction to Bimbeats provides insight into its own focus on knowledge management. Paul Laycock adds,

“Knowledge management is vital in any business, particularly for those investing in the onboarding of new technologies”...”mastering it is essential”

With its ability to automatically generate ‘competency profiles’ of any user, enabling learning and development opportunities to be pinpointed and deployed more rapidly, Bimbeats supports this requirement. Added to that, rules can be customized at the most granular levels supporting real-time skills development presenting another big win for the VinZero, Bimbeats partnership and its customers.

The sheer volume of data being derived from digital modelling across industry also provides another avenue for the VinZero Bimbeats partnership to generate value, with the platforms ability to measure hardware performance at device level, and to compare cloud verses network infrastructure performance, providing valuable metrics to the IT teams tasked with managing productivity and uptime.

"Given the breadth and depth of Vinzero’s industry expertise and its global footprint, this collaboration and partnership supports Bimbeat’s continued growth. Added to which, our shared commitment to the utilization of data for enhancing efficiency and reducing waste makes the partnership with VinZero a perfect fit.” Adam Sheather, CEO, BimBeats

Customers will now be able to purchase BimBeats subscriptions exclusively from VinZero's A2K Technologies business across Australia and New Zealand.

About VinZero

For over 20 years, the brands under VinZero have been providing software solutions and professional services to Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industries helping them to understand the role of digitalization for the built environment. Businesses both large and small utilize VinZero’s dedicated industry experts to help navigate technologies as they emerge, driving efficiency and improving workflows. With a global focus on reducing emissions and increased focus directed towards industry, VinZero are now turning their attention to providing the linkages between using technology to digitize, and at the same time leveraging the valuable data insights it brings to build more sustainably. VinZero are passionate about helping their customers understand how the technologies they use today can help them to step towards net zero in the future, to build a better world.

About Bimbeats

Bimbeats solutions enables organizations in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry to capture real-time data from their software tools and identify opportunities to increase employee and project productivity, reduce downtime, and manage software licenses. Our tools give companies and leaders the ability to capture and measure their digital maturity and organisational health in relation to best practices on digital systems and processes.

We are architects, engineers, technicians turned programmers, hackers, problem solvers. Not that long ago, we too were in the trenches of design and engineering processes. Often working late into our afternoons, making sacrifices so that we could see the buildings of the future come to life before our own eyes. These experiences help us better help you. Our team understands your problems.

Our passion for improving design processes has led us to explore numerous ways of making “bims” better. We believe that Bimbeats combines everything that a successful product needs; a dedicated and passionate team of experts with great technology.

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