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Creating Spirals in Fusion 360

March 02, 2022 By Shaun Griffiths

Sometimes, in your design, you might need some spiral based geometry such as in a drill bit, a spiral staircase or even a chute.

One way you can achieve this is by creating a solid coil.

Choose a sketch plane and define the diameter of your coil.

Next, define the parameters of your coil.

Then you can create a new sketch and

project the geometry of the spiral.

Now you can turn off the visibility of the original solid and delete any unnecessary geometry. Leaving you with a spiral you can use to sweep a new shape.

Here, I have copied and pasted the coil onto a new sketch and moved it up by 400mm to act as a guide rail for a sweep. Then, I drew a third sketch for the profile. When creating your own, make sure you fully constrain the geometry.

Now, when performing a sweep, I am left with a new solid in my chute design.


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