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GeoServer – Offset Inner Lines

March 02, 2022 By David Crowther


How can I style a polygon to show the inside boundary of a property?


Follow the GeoServer SLD cookbook to find all the polygon styling options -

One of those styles is called Offset Inner Lines and it looks like this, where there is a Black Polygon Symboliser and a Grey Line Symboliser that is offset inside the polygon.

Simply copy the SLD code into your GeoServer Style file:

In my case I changed the colours to use red for the Stroke Colour

….and then for added affect, I have removed the Polygon Symboliser and just left the Line Symboliser, so the Style now looks like this:

When applied to my Planning Applications WMS and viewed in our webGIS – MapThat – the planning applications are styled with a line that is offset inside the object, to create the desired legal property boundary.

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