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iLogic - Reusing construction geometry in the drawing environment

March 03, 2022 By Shaun Griffiths

To achieve your design intent within a model, you may have had to create a series of planes, axis and points which define your geometry. These can be complex but extremely useful, not only in defining your model but also in being able to communicate the definitions and positions of features.

However, as default, this geometry is not automatically placed within a drawing environment for you to dimension.

Nonetheless, you can retrieve this information in several ways.

For example, you can expand the view tree in the model browser and turn on the visibility of the construction geometry by right clicking and choosing include.

Alternatively, you can extract everything on view placement. Here, choose the “Recovery Options” tab and select “User Work Features”.

Once in place, following the same method as before, you can turn off the visibility of irrelevant work features and the dimension to them.

This can be useful when trying to dimension to centres. For example, the centre of a keyway.

You could centre mark the top view, however you may want to apply the dimension to the section view.

So, within the model, add a work axis to each rad.

Then in the drawing include the axis and then dimension.


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