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Inventor - Parts list sorting (iLogic)

January 26, 2022 By Florentina Stirbu

The Parts List table default style can be configured in the Style Library manager. This allows for selecting the properties to be included in the tables as columns and setting the width for each, defining the text style used and setting any groups/filters needed.

However, sorting cannot be defined in the Style Library. On all parts list tables, the sorting is off by default – for each individual table, on all drawings, a user would have to manually edit the sorting.

iLogic can be used to set sorting parameters and the code can be included in the drawing template if the same sorting is expected across multiple drawings.

There are 2 methods that can be used for sorting:

Partslist.Sort – each column to sort by is listed as string, followed by a Boolean to set the sorting to ascending (True) or descending (false).

Partslist.Sort2 - has two additional Booleans for sorting by string and auto sorting on update.


After running the code:

The iLogic code is attached below – change the column strings and/or Boolean values as needed.


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