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Nature's Hidden Steel

Markus Roselieb/Architect and Principal, Chang Mai Life Architecture. Join in the conversation as award-winning architect and bamboo enthusiast, Markus Roselieb, delves into the incredible world of bamboo. As Principal at Chang Mai Life Architecture, a firm at the forefront of utilizing bamboo in groundbreaking architectural designs, Markus shares his passion for this remarkable material with a higher tensile strength than steel. Markus shares the story of their awe-inspiring Panyaden International School, where the natural curves and irregular structures, created from bamboo, enhance the environment and touch people's hearts. Listen as Markus highlights its beauty, strength, and importantly, its negative carbon footprint. As he eloquently puts it, bamboo is akin to a "steel cable" when harnessed effectively through sustainable harvesting and innovative design. Discover the potential of bamboo as a material that resonates with the human soul, embracing a brighter, more sustainable future.


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