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Progress Monitoring to deliver sustainable construction

Acquisition of Pointscene by ARKANCE July 3 2023

On July 3rd, 2023, ARKANCE - subsidiary of MONNOYEUR - acquired Pointscene, a Helsinki-based software development company, specialized in providing digital tools addressing the critical challenges associated with the constant change of construction projects. By leveraging Pointscene’s advanced technology, ARKANCE expands it solution portfolio to empower construction professionals with tools that help them seamlessly adapt to project changes and react to situations with confidence.

Partner to Build Smarter

"Our Ambition is to be the trusted parner in our customers' digital tranformation by enabling them to balance results and profitability"Gregoire Arranz, CEO, ARKANCE.

This acquisition aligns with the ARKANCE strategy to provide the best-fit solutions to support its clients on their digitalization journey. ARKANCE delivers innovative, data driven solutions (products, and services) to support profitable, sustainable, and quality project outcomes for its clients including Building and Earthmoving Contractors, Design Offices, Infrastructure Owners, and Mine and Quarry Operators.

Expanding our software production business

Gregoire ARRANZ, CEO of ARKANCE says: “I am very excited to welcome the team of Pointscene into our ARKANCE Group to join our software development team. By acquiring Pointscene, we extend our data management capabilities with solutions, adding pointclouds calculation and analysis functions to our publication and viewer tools. With these expanded capabilities, we will enable our customers running infrastructure construction projects to simplify the data exchange between engineers and site operators, facilitating confident interpretation, communication and data-driven decision-making.”

Transforming the landscape of digital construction

Lauri HARTIKAINEN of Pointscene says: "We are thrilled to announce that Pointscene is now extending its reach globally as a part of the ARKANCE Group. With our proven track record in the Nordics enabling construction projects to finish ahead of schedule and with improved financial outcomes, our solutions are now set to supercharge construction projects on a multinational scale. Now we will accelerate the achieved results with a shared vision and strategy. By integrating our technology with the ARKANCE valued product and service portfolio, we’re able to offer a unique solution to improve productivity and sustainability goals in any construction project. Through the network of ARKANCE clients worldwide can now leverage our innovative tools to streamline progress monitoring, drive overall efficiency and reduce carbon footprints in their projects. This global expansion marks a truly exciting new chapter in Pointscene’s journey.”



Pointscene is a Finnish technology company, established in 2014, providing digital tools for infrastructure construction. Pointscene helps its customers to increase productivity and sustainability of their worksites and projects. Pointscene provides intelligent, yet simple tools for construction site managers and employees to interact with relevant data for everyday work planning, earthworks progress monitoring and in communication with project stakeholders.


ARKANCE has a mission to lead the Manufacturing and Construction industries in digital transformation. By partnering with global technology leaders and developing complementary IP solutions, ARKANCE optimizes its customers projects through all phases of the life cycle. Its 1200 strong network of experts across 18 countries have a deep knowledge of the challenges faced by industry and a passion to develop and deliver solutions responsibly and

About VinZero

With offices across USA, UK, EMEA, ANZ and India VinZero, an ARKANCE company, inspire the Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industries to design, build and solve more effectively using data insights. Providing software solutions and professional services globally. VinZero helps organizations achieve both profitability and purpose. VinZero’s dedicated industry experts provide modular or full end to end consulting to drive best in class project, product utilization and workflow collaboration outcomes. VinZero’s solution discovery process applies a ‘Think Future’ methodology to digitalization and central data environments, enabling customers to integrate seamlessly, onboard easily, and maintain project momentum and profitability as they do so. VinZero believes data is the new currency for achieving net zero and is committed to helping industry reduce waste, improve efficiency, and deliver sustainable building, and design practices through data insights to build a better world.


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