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Revit 2022 - Add an Arc Length Dimension

March 15, 2022 By John Flanagan

Arc Length Dimension

The Arc Length dimension tool places a dimension that measures the arc length of a curved wall or other element.

You can specify whether the dimension measures the arc length of wall faces, wall centrelines, faces of core or centre of core.

  • Click the Annotate tab > Dimension panel >(Arc Length).

  • On the Options Bar, select a snap option.

For example, select Wall faces to have the cursor snap to the inside or outside wall face. The snap option aids in selecting the radial point.

  • Place the cursor on the arc and click to select the radial point.

  • Select the end points of the arc and move the cursor up and away from the arc.

  • Click to place the arc length dimension.

Note: If the arc ends for the arc length dimension are not visible or selectable, use intersecting reference planes to place the dimension.

In the example shown here, the arc length of the inner curved wall is placed with three left clicks. The inner curve of the wall is selected first and then the end points of the arc are selected on the left and right.

To record the arc length of the external side of the wall, simply select the outer curve of the wall first.


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