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Revit 2022 – Board and Batten Cladding – Part 2

March 24, 2022 By John Flanagan

Board and Batten Cladding – Using a Curtain Wall

The images below illustrate two methods to create a board and batten wall. On the image on the left, the imprint of the vertical battens is represented by applying a surface pattern (Vertical Siding pattern). We can use a curtain wall to create a more solid look to the vertical battens (right image).

The method of applying a surface pattern was covered in my previous blog. In this blog we will concentrate on the curtain wall method.

Create a custom curtain panel.

  • In the Project Browser expand Families > Curtain Panels > System Panel > Solid > Duplicate.

  • Name the new panel – Boards and assign a new material called Black Boards.

  • Change the thickness to 100 mm.

New Custom Panel Settings

Create a custom mullion.

  • Use the default rectangular mullion type.

  • Duplicate the default rectangular mullion type and give it a name called Rectangular Mullion Batten and a material called Batten.

  • Set the offset to 12 mm.

New Custom Mullion Settings

Create a Custom Curtain Wall

Select the wall tool and in the Project Browser, select the plain curtain wall, click edit type, click duplicate, rename the curtain wall as Board and Battens, and enter the settings as shown below.

Try out your new wall type. It should look like the image below.

The Board and Batten curtain wall will behave like any other wall. You can set height constraints, change the spacing of the batten mullions, or adjust their offset distance.


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