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Revit 2022 - Curtain Types and Instance Parameters – Part 2

February 14, 2022 By John Flanagan

Types of Curtain Walls and Instance Parameters

In my previous blog we looked at how the Justification parameter could be used to alter curtain wall grid layouts. Two more instance parameters worth considering are the Offset and Angle parameters located underneath Justification in the Properties palette.

The result of changing the Horizontal Grid Offset to 1000 moves all the grids and mullions downwards, as illustrated on the Storefront curtain wall. The bottom of the curtain wall is 0.0.

Select the wall first so that you can see the Instance Parameters in the Properties palette.

In the following illustration the Angle instance parameter has been used to alter the angle of the horizontal grid pattern.

In my next blog we will look at modifying curtain wall grid layouts using Type Parameters.


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