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Revit 2022 - Curtain Wall Mullions and Join Conditions

February 14, 2022 By John Flanagan

Control Mullion Breaks at Joins

After placing mullions on a curtain grid, you can control how they join at intersections.

  1. In the drawing area, select a mullion.

  2. Click Modify | Curtain Wall Mullions tab > Mullion panel > Make Continuous or Break at Join.

Use Make Continuous to extend the ends of mullions at a join, so that they display as one continuous mullion. Use Break at Join to trim the ends of mullions at a join, so that they display as separate mullions.

Other join condition controls can be found in the type properties dialogue box.

With Border and Vertical Grid Continuous join condition selected, the vertical mullions are continuous (they cut the horizontal mullions) and the borders are continuous. If we selected Border and Horizontal Grids Continuous the horizontal mullions would cut the vertical mullions. These controls are global and apply to the entire curtain wall. You can override the join conditions of individual mullions with the Make Continuous and Break at Join tools mentioned earlier.


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