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Revit 2022 - Landscape Legends and Schedules

March 15, 2022 By John Flanagan

Adding Model Family Symbols to a Legend

Click Annotate tab > Detail panel > Component drop-down > (Legend Component).

  • On the Options Bar, for Family, select a model family symbol type.

  • Specify the view direction for the symbol.

Some symbols have more options than others. For example, wall types can be displayed in plan or section representations. Wall-hosted elements like doors can be represented in plan, and front and back elevations. The examples below show some patio furniture displayed in both plan and elevation view. The line tool was used to create the legend framework and the text tool was used to label the patio furniture components.

  • Place the symbol in the view.

Adding Model Family Images to a Schedule

You can also display images of your model components in a schedule as shown below.

In this example the 3D image of the Table and Chair Set family was created with the windows snipping tool. To access this handy tool press Windows logo + shift + S to snip an image of a component family.

Note: Legends and Schedules can be placed on multiple sheets.

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