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Revit 2022 - Real Curved Curtain Wall

March 01, 2022 By John Flanagan

Real Curved Curtain Wall

In this blog we will use a workaround to create a real curved curtain wall which doesn’t exist in Revit as a default. The curtain wall panels in the image below do not form a perfect curve – they are all slightly angled.

The Workaround

Select a generic wall, edit type, rename to Special Glass, material glass, thickness 25mm.

Edit Assembly

Use sweeps to simulate the horizontal mullion

Accept the default profile (rectangular) and change the material to aluminium as shown. Click OK and you will see the rectangular profile at the bottom of the glass wall in the preview window. Click OK to close all dialogue boxes.

Note: you can load other profiles if you want to.

Back in Revit select Curtain Wall, click Edit Type, click Duplicate and rename the wall to Special_Curtain_Wall. The trick now is to go to the Curtain Panel in the Type Properties dialogue box and change it to Special Glass. You also need to set the Vertical and Horizontal Grids to Fixed Distance with a spacing 0f 2000mm.

Use the Start-End-Radius Arc tool to draw your curtain wall and attach mullions to the vertical grids. In this example I have offset the vertical mullions by 75mm. This curtain wall has a smoother curve than the one shown in the first image.

As I mentioned earlier you can use a different profile for the horizontal mullion sweep, or you could create one of your own.


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