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Revit 2022 - Tagging Elements in 3D Views

March 15, 2022 By John Flanagan

Tagging Elements in 3D Views

If you try to tag elements in a 3D view without locking it, a message will appear advising you that the 3D view must be locked before you can add tags or keynotes.

Duplicate the 3D view and rename it to 3D view tagged. Lock and save the orientation of the view on the View Control Bar.

Once the view is locked you will notice that the View Cube is frozen. You can now add material tags to elements in a 3D view.

Remember that you can also attach keynotes to Structural and Architectural elements in 3D.

Note: You can unlock the view at any time from the view control bar if you need to change the orientation. You will then have to re-tag the view after re-locking it.


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