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Revit 2022 Tip – Highlighting elements from multiple phases in the same view

February 22, 2022 By Dennis Collin

A common question that is asked by Revit users particularly when working on Renovation projects is, can you keep the material display and just apply a colour to it when applying a phase filter?

This can easily be achieved by using the graphics overrides within the Phasing management dialogue, but retaining the ‘ByCategory’ material in the settings.

The process is described in this useful post here:

This is very interesting and helpful, but what if elements need to be shown as different colours when working with several different phases and be shown on the same view?

This is easily achieved using Revit’s conventional View Filters with the improvements in the Revit 2022 release, where users can now access the ‘Phase Created’ property in the property list and colour the elements accordingly.

Simply create the elements in the required phase, leave the phase filter to ‘none’ in the view property and a series of View filters will do the rest. This recent improvement extends extra functionality to Revit’s phasing tools and can show construction sequencing more clearly. These filters can also be saved into a View template should this drawing style need to be applied to other views.


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