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Revit Tip – Displaying Project Location Information on a Revit Start Screen

March 03, 2022 By Dennis Collin

I was recently asked if it was possible to get the coordinates of the Revit Project Base point and display that on a project template splash screen. The answer is of course yes, using Dynamo and some specialist nodes from the Genius-Loci Package.

The main node in the script is the Get Project Locations Node from the Genius Loci package. This obtains coordinates for the Project Base, Survey Point, Internal Origin and the Site Name. Once this information is collected it can be pushed to either Project or Shared Parameters assigned to Project Information fields. These fields can then be scheduled and placed onto a start page or drawing sheet as desired.

If the parameters have been set as Shared Parameters, the information could be assigned to a Tag as well as within a table.


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