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Women In Construction Week

In celebration of Women in Construction week, VinZero is shining a light on professional women that contribute to the construction industry through Architecture, Engineering, IT, Project Management and Science to honor how they are enabling the Sustainable Development Goals to be realized globally. This week is celebrated off the back of World Engineering Day 4th March, for Sustainable Development which emphasizes the importance of women in engineering professions.

Clare is leading and supporting the development of improvements both within the CAD team and across engineering projects as the company introduces new technology to reduce carbon emissions for the UK. Clare leads internal digital collaboration practices for the engineering CAD team as well as contributes to BIM working group initiatives, all with the aim of having sustainable, improved ways of working. Her work is supported by teams from Autodesk and VinZero Cadline in the development of new workflows, creating standards, and rolling out new CAD software to meet ambitious goals for the team and business.

"The best part of my job is learning from and collaborating with incredibly knowledgeable and supportive colleagues. In particular, the amazing team of CAD engineers who go above and beyond and never shy away from the challenges set to them. Knowing that the projects we are working on now and in the future will have a direct impact on meeting net zero goals makes all the hard work worthwhile".

Lucy graduated from Unitec with a Diploma in Civil Engineering. Lucy is responsible for providing professional services support for clients using VinZero digital solutions, as well as delivery of digital content. Lucy’s key focus is on Civil 3D and her technical knowledge assists clients to uncover ideal solutions in the Built Environment.

Lucy is always excited to learn about how solutions at VinZero A2K have made a difference to our clients’ workflow and productivity.

''It means we play a significant role in assisting the industry to build a better tomorrow for communities in a sustainable way.''

Dorota has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Renewable Energy from Monash University in Victoria, Australia. Dorota has extensive experience working with Australian and global large emitters from AECO&M sectors on energy efficiency, renewable energy procurement and emissions reduction strategies.

Dorota helps businesses understand how the technologies they use (or how digitalization) can help them to step closer to net zero and build a better world.

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is helping our customers improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs while minimizing their environmental footprint. By doing so we can drive both, profit and purpose.”

Ciara graduated with a degree in Archaeology and a Master of Science Degree in Heritage Science. Ciara provides archaeological risk mitigation for the construction industry helping to minimize costly delays whilst continuing to prioritize conservation and sustainability, by working with government bodies and contractors. Ciara now utilizes the power of laser technology to improve the sustainability of the construction industry. By accurately capturing data about buildings and structures, she helps customers make more informed decisions about resource usage and the reduction of waste. Furthermore, the data captured is used to optimize building performance, reduce energy consumption and cut carbon emissions.

‘Being part of a company that is committed to sustainability is incredibly rewarding. It gives me a sense of purpose in my work and inspires me to continually seek out new ways to reduce our environmental impact. I believe that sustainability is not just good for the planet, but it’s also good for business. By prioritizing sustainability, we can attract new customers who share our values and create a more resilient, prosperous future for our industry”.

Having more than 20 years of experience in AEC project and resource management, Favi started her career as a Technical Specialist, installing and configuring document management systems, and her experience then extended into project management.

In her current role, Favi oversees major projects related to training and consulting services, ensuring the successful delivery of client service engagements. Her approach to project management is, first and foremost, customer/owner focused. Listening to and understanding a client’s needs is instrumental in successfully setting up and managing projects.

"There is so much work to be done as it relates to sustainability. I’m excited about the possibilities and impact we can make not only as a company, but also individually, what each of us can do outside of work, taking what we’re learning and truly implementing sustainable changes in our personal lives and making bigger impacts in this area, it’s a necessity and overdue for our continued existence on this earth."

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Starting off in software support, development, and training, Dawn has more than 25 years of experience in the AEC industry. At VinZero U.S. CAD, Dawn helps customers meet their ever-changing requirements by offering a 50,000-foot view of strategy, implementation, and coordination of technology platforms, providing updated/modified process opportunities in design approaches that offer projects with more timely, cost-effective, and innovative solutions.

“I look at sustainability as an initiative that everybody has to take up in some way. I personally like to find ways to conserve, reuse, and reserve things that we’re utilizing on a daily basis. I’m excited from that perspective about us leading the way and leading by example. VinZero U.S. CAD is taking it up as a corporation, leading the way for our customers and helping make an impact in their work and the projects that we affect.”

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Sunny found a passion for design in high school, while learning about Interior Design and Web Building, and discovered Computer Aided Drafting, while pursuing her degree in Interior Design at LDS Business College. After graduation, Sunny continued to pursue her education in drafting and design, leading her to a career in BIM using Revit for electrical engineering. Eventually, Sunny joined a team to develop virtual design methods for electrical construction, discovering different ways to leverage building information from construction models. In her current role, Sunny provides BIM production and coordination services, including clash coordination, and trains on topics such as Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, BIM basics procedures, technology, and other software.

"I think being on the digital side of construction, there is a natural progression toward sustainability. Virtual tools provide the construction ecosystem greater information faster. When teams collaborate to coordinate models through clash detection, data is more accurate. Well-coordinated models reduce field tear-out and rework, minimizing material use. These models can also be used in prefabrication, reducing field time. These benefits help reduce project costs, allow for more intentional planning, material ordering, and execution, which are all so important in construction today and for sustainability. I’m so grateful to be part of the VinZero team. As we lead efforts to help all teams adopt these incredible digital tools and processes, we will naturally see better, faster, more efficient projects."

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Since completing her studies, Jess's career has taken her to Sydney, London, and back again. Jess currently works at Greenway Architects, helping transition the office to BIM. Her experience has primarily focused on the commercial markets, with a particular interest in healthcare and mixed-use multi-residential projects; typologies which lend themselves well to BIM.

Jess finds working in 3D to be far more efficient, particularly when coordinating with other disciplines. She is able to see exactly where her services might be clashing with structure and is able to pick these up prior to the building starting on site, which is invaluable.

“I think the future of BIM is AI for sure. Already we’re seeing software such as mid journey generating artworks that look like renders. It’s only logical that our software will get smarter – improving our efficiencies and overall outcomes. And the more efficient the design process is, the more time we can invest in creating better, greener, buildings.”

Abby leads innovative projects in the design and construction sector, delivering

transformative growth through conceptualization, optimization and implementation of innovation processes.

Her areas of focus center around data as a source of truth to inspire and educate, nurturing concepts of minimal impact design, while maintaining optimal organizational efficiency potential.

Some of the initiatives Abby is passionately involved in include net zero carbon emissions in construction, steel design software development and structural steel system research and development.

Abby holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and is currently completing her Master of Data Science.

“Data is the source of truth that drives our sustainability efforts. It is through investing in sustainability that we are also investing in the protection of our future, on both a commercial and personal level.”

Succeeding in the footsteps of a family Icon, Namrita metamorphosed into an Architect from CCA Chandigarh, which was a dream come true. As Chief Architect of New Delhi Municipal Council, Namrita was responsible for on one hand to preserve the unique character of this prime area of Delhi on the other hand the policies for development had to be implemented. All under the umbrella of design and planning of NDMC projects & Landscape, from sanction to completion & issue of occupation certificate of buildings, safety, sealing and control of use in the premises and providing technical input to other departments of NDMC. She received an award for the most Innovative Urban Infra Architect in 2022 as Architect conversant with Metro technology from the hands of ex-Member of the Railway Board and ex-officio Secretary to the Government of India.

Namrita, is passionate about sustainable design of buildings and infrastructure and says that using state of art technology to eliminate pollutants from atmosphere is fundamental to reducing urban carbon footprint. She believes that synchronization of Man-Machine-Material is vital for timely delivery of city infrastructure and should be fortified with Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning for attaining level next.

“I strongly believe that architecture can be a powerful tool for positive change, and I am committed to using my skills and knowledge to create buildings and spaces that are environmentally responsible and sustainable. In a world where the effects of climate change are becoming more and more evident, it is essential that we all do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. We have the ability to design buildings that are energy-efficient and have a minimal environmental footprint. By incorporating sustainable design principles into our work, we can help create a more sustainable future for generations to come. Metro Architecture is all about Mega Structures and deep technology driven by precision engineering. Women are appropriate for this role because of inherent multi-tasking, interface and co-ordination strengths.”

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Having studied Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at University, Helen has enjoyed positions in Fine Chem, Nuclear and Water, but found herself drawn to the pharmaceutical industry and the associated focus on patients at the end of the pipeline. Helen’s first project at WSP involved a full modular offsite build and now 10 years later, every project she works on has more and more elements of modularization and modern methods of construction, with sustainability being an integral part of all her projects. Projects are focused on the reuse of buildings to save embodied carbon and use processes that demand smaller footprints and reduce the use of resources such as water, natural gas, electricity and process fluid demand. The advances in digital technology have also helped significantly reduce time and waste on site.

“The privilege I enjoy is being in an organization that is up front and center in sustainability, so there is never any resistance to doing something in a sustainable way. WSP is committed to helping our clients meet their decarbonization targets having pledged to halve the carbon in our designs and advice by 2030.”

VinZero acknowledges that equal opportunities for women in the Built Environment are key to ensuring the inclusive and gender-balanced profession needed to achieve the sustainable development goals. Together we are making a difference!

About VinZero

For over 20 years the brands under VinZero have been providing software solutions and professional services to Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industries helping them to understand the role of digitalization for the built environment. Businesses both large and small utilize VinZero’s dedicated industry experts to help navigate technologies as they emerge, driving efficiency and improving workflows. With a global focus on reducing emissions and increased focus directed towards industry, VinZero are now turning their attention to providing the linkages between using technology to digitize, and at the same time leveraging the valuable data insights it brings to build more sustainably. VinZero are passionate about helping their customers understand how the technologies they use today can help them to step towards net zero in the future, to build a better world.

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