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The construction, manufacturing and infrastructure are facing unprecedented challenges

ARKANCE is comitted to accelerating technology adoption, leveraging data insights to support better, more effective, more efficient and more profitable project outcomes for both people and planet

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Energy & Climate change

Natural resource scarcity


Generation shift

As a leading global technology and services firm, we offer a wide array of solutions and services to help you achieve your goals.


Example of processes, where digitalization can be an enabler

Optimize for sustainable construction

  • Carbon footprint

  • Environmental impact

  • Less energy & water consumption 

  • Material management & consumption

  • Design for Disassembly – circularity


Optimize for operational efficiency

  • Collaboration between departments

  • Seamless document and content management

  • Improve skills of modelers

  • Automate ancillary work

  • Automate quantities of design model

  • Automate Technical specifications for cost estimations

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Example of processes, where digitalization can be an enabler

Planning & Design

  • Investigate environmental impact

  • Decrease material consumption

  • Sustainable Design optimization


Efficient execution

  • Optimize operational fleet

  • Progress Tracking (as designed <> as built)

  • Quality Control

Collaboration & communication

  • Data Management (3D model <> constructible model)

  • CO2 calculators

  • Material Tracking

  • Digital Delivery Notes

  • Site Inspection reports


Example of processes, where digitalization can be an enabler

Optimize Design to Manufacturing

  • Faster Design/Make Cycles

  • Localized CAD-CAM solutions

  • Optimized Material consumption


Product Data Management

  • Collaboration between departments

  • Publication and configurators


Product Lifecycle Management

  • Supply-chain integration

  • Maintenance optimization


Building - Manufacturing Convergence

  • Collaborative design

  • Prefabrication modules

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In 2024 we’re revealing a fresh new look for ARKANCE marking an important milestone in our innovation journey and commitment to service excellence

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