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ARKANCE proudly premieres at Autodesk University 2023, celebrating its status as Autodesk’s First Global Platinum Partner

November 13, 2023, IRVINE, California, and PARIS, France - ARKANCE, a leading global provider of architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing technology solutions, premieres today as Autodesk’s First Global Platinum Partner at Autodesk University 2023, The Design & Make Conference. During this three day gathering in Las Vegas, November 13-15, attendees can explore the purpose and vision that ARKANCE holds for revolutionizing the way Design and Make organizations achieve digital transformation and foster enhanced sustainability in the global Built Environment.


“We are honoured to be a Platinum Sponsor of Autodesk University this year in celebration of our new global services portfolio. We now offer the largest professional services team dedicated to supporting digitalization for the Design and Make industries equipped with an evolving portfolio of in-house, purpose-built software, designed to integrate with and optimize Autodesk solutions.” Greg Arranz, CEO, ARKANCE.


Attendees will receive a first look at new ARKANCE innovations, groundbreaking products, and unique initiatives focused on digitalization at booth #234, including the following:

  • Unveiling of the Be.Smart product portfolio, purpose-built solutions for essential Autodesk software developed and provided exclusively by ARKANCE to help with the new jobs to be done that have emerged in the Design and Make industries, ensuring the ever-growing demands of the Built Environment are met.

  • Introduction of the ARKANCE Partner to Build Smarter strategy: a network of best-in-class technology partners, including Autodesk, to lead organizations through long-term digital transformation to revolutionize projects and operations by harnessing innovative solutions and workflows.

  • Expansion of Sustainability and Digital Advisory Services helping customers more quickly connect the dots between the latest technology and the sustainable outcomes that hold the key to shaping a better world.

  • Broadening of the Think.Future strategic framework, a visionary approach that champions digitalization, central data environments, and the use of technologies to reduce waste and rework.

  • Unparalleled momentum and expertise in Autodesk solutions to drive unprecedented value for the Design and Make industries unleashing the full potential of technology for growth and success.


“I am thrilled to have led U.S. CAD over the years and am now leading our organization to this point where we have joined the most compelling global network in our industry and are undergoing an exciting transition from U.S CAD to ARKANCE. As a group, we believe in creating an empowering environment for our internal people so they, in turn, will create the best experience possible for our customers, while we all lead the industry forward into the future. Our best days are ahead as we unite around common goals and a common destination, helping lead and shape our industry,” said Daniel Counts, CEO U.S. CAD, an ARKANCE company. “Participating as an Autodesk University 2023 Platinum Sponsor and Exhibitor is the perfect forum as we embark on the tremendous opportunity ahead to help organizations worldwide transform and thrive. ARKANCE technology and industry experts from around the world will be at the booth and are excited to meet with attendees, conduct demonstrations, share product information, collaborate, and network.”


Attendees at Autodesk University, can join the ARKANCE Think Community, a resource comprised of a growing network of global experts sharing sustainability and technology knowledge, demonstrating ARKANCE’s deep commitment to customers and care for the planet.


To celebrate ARKANCE’s premiere at the conference and the debut of the Be.Smart product portfolio, attendees can enjoy engaging activities at the ARKANCE booth, including spinning The Wheel of Prizes game for a chance to win.



With over 1300 professionals across 18 countries, ARKANCE is a trusted and future-focused digitalization and sustainability partner with over a century of experience in construction, manufacturing, energy, and agriculture through its parent company, Monnoyeur, and decades of technology leadership in the AECO and manufacturing industries. In June 2023, AKRANCE acquired U.S. CAD, Cadline, A2K Technologies, and Capricot to expand its global reach and strengthen expertise, becoming the world’s largest Autodesk Platinum Partner. To learn more, stop by the ARKANCE booth #234 at Autodesk University or visit for more information.

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